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“Tracy Walker’s soulful Neo Folk songs are made transcendent by her stunning voice, a powerful instrument that sends chills up the spines of most anyone within hearing distance with a heart.”

Mike Breen
CityBeat Newspaper


“Seeing her live is knowing something special is happening”

Melissa Huelsman
Artspike Magazine


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Tracy Walker

Tracy has an amazing facility for finding four leaf clovers. Does that make her a lucky person? Tracy’s not entirely certain that she even believes in luck, but she clearly possesses a knack for perceiving patterns in nature that others seem to overlook. That knack extends to her musical pursuits as well and may well be the secret to her longstanding success as a contemporary singer/songwriter and the key to her third and latest album, Coetaneous Vibrations on her own label Gallimaufry Records.

Just as palpable as her ringing alto and her estimable guitar skills, there is a blazing honesty that runs through Tracy’s work, from her 1998 debut album Naked to 2003’s All This Time, and Coetaneous Vibrations undeniably reinforces that streak. Tracy doesn’t merely write and play a song, she crafts and inhabits it, as though the songs she sings are shelters from the emotional storms of the world, and sometimes Tracy’s songs are storms themselves, raging right back at the universal tempests we all face.

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